Major Aerospace Company extraction systems

Major Aerospace Company extraction systems for new super sized industrial units :

Project: - LEV header duct systems and fans were supplied and installed; based on two fans per duty, one in use, one on standby. LEV spines from central header ducts to LEV positions.

The 5 off centralised systems were installed to extract and remove the various contaminants present within the facility from the specified LEV locations as identified within each system machine log. The systems have been designed to cope with a variety of corrosive, flammable, explosive and wet substances.

The set of up the systems were such that the above contaminants were mitigated through mass dilution and the ductwork velocities are such that all substances are suspended in the air stream and shall not drop and settle permanently within the ductwork, thus allowing for safe exhaust outside the building.

The systems were sized at: -

2 systems duty 99,000M3/H 

1 system  duty 50,000M3/H 

1 system duty 72,000M3/H 

1 PVC system duty 8,000M3/H

Contract Value: £1,800,000.00


Supply and installation of a new laminar flow ventilation system in Fermentation Building for a Brewery

Based on 258,000 M3/H Laminar Flow system to give up to 20 ACH (air changes per hour):

Consist of: -

Six off: - Air Handling Units with fan set, EU4 Pre-filter and EU7 Main filter and weathering sized at 43,000M3/H each externally mounted on concrete plinths size: 2450 meters wide x 2.2 meter high x 2.,2 meters long complete with EC fan motors

Six off: - Internally mounted plenum boxes with directional supply grills,

Six off: - Interconnecting external galvanised duct systems connecting AHU’s to plenum’s

Nine off: - Wall fans mounted in the opposite walls at low level to create a laminar flow

Contract Value: £290,000.00


2 Oil mist extraction systems to serve a variety of metalworking machines.
A fully automated system, via an inverter driven system fan.
Designed, Detailed, On-site project managed and Commissioned by Clean Air Environmental Ltd